Electrical Rope Shovel

This course is designed for experienced Electric Rope Shovel operators Participants benefit by refining operating techniques and learning application tips and knowledge.requirements and basic earth moving fundamentals so an individual can develop skills to operate equipment safely and proficiently.
Melopa operators is committed to provide the highest levels of quality and service to our learners. Our mission is to empower the individual with the vital knowledge to help the individual solidly secure his/her position at the current job and also future opportunities to come.

Grader training

The grader, also commonly referred to as a road grader, blade, maintainer, or motor grader, is a versatile piece of earth moving equipment used in the mining, civil engineering, farming and snow ploughing industries.

Typically the grader is used for final surface preparation, coming in to €˜polish€™ the rough levelling performed by less specialised machines. Grader operator €˜touch€™ is paramount in ensuring that machine and blade are perfectly co-ordinated to deliver a pristine surface. This requirement for absolute precision necessitates an extremely high level of grader operator training, and it is here that the CYBERMINE range of grader simulators delivers! Our latest state-of-the-art mining equipment simulator techniques guarantee safe, productive grader operators of the highest calibre

OverHead Crane

Overhead Crane Novice and Recertification Courses are the best way to ensure that your overhead crane operators are fully equipped for safe crane operation. By ensuring that your staff members have practical and theoretical understanding in crane operations, and are able to carry out safe handling and maintenance practices, you can have confidence knowing that your business is compliant with legislative and manufacturer standards.

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Electrical  Rope Shovel

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